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About Thimble Sewciety

Welcome to Thimble Sewciety, where the love for sewing and the joy of creating come together. Established in 2019 by Jennifer Davey, a passionate educator, designer, writer, and sewing enthusiast, Thimble Sewciety is a hub for learning, community, and creativity.

Meet Jennifer Davey - Igniting Passion for Sewing

Jennifer Davey is more than just a name; she's a driving force behind Thimble Sewciety. With a rich background as a tailor, sewing instructor, and designer, Jennifer has left her mark on the sewing world. Her expertise has earned her recognition as a guest on Sew It All TV and publications in esteemed magazines such as Sew News, Sew it All, Belle Amore, Crafts n’ Things, and Apronology.

Collaborating with industry giants like Elna, Grace Company, Therm O Web, Riley Blake, May Arts Ribbon, and Coats and Clark, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience and innovation to Thimble Sewciety. Her dedication to educating others about tools and materials that transform sewing into a joyful experience is at the heart of our philosophy.

Empowering Through Education

Thimble Sewciety emerged from Jennifer's belief that learning to sew should be accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, resources, and inspiration needed to embark on a sewing journey. Our carefully crafted sewing kits and bundles are designed to cultivate confidence and independence in every sewer, from grade school students to those enjoying retirement.

A Community of Creators

Beyond offering exceptional sewing products, Thimble Sewciety is a community that embraces all who are passionate about the lost domestic arts. We invite you to join us, regardless of your skill level or background, to learn, create, and share. From enriching educational experiences to finding camaraderie in our local quilt guild, our community is where the spark of sewing passion ignites.

Our Central California Roots

Based in Central California, Thimble Sewciety is rooted in the beauty and diversity of the Golden State. Jennifer's family finds inspiration in California's offerings, and she pays it forward by volunteering for her daughter's marching band and winter percussion, contributing to costuming and set design, participating in guild charities.

Join Us on this Sewing Journey

We extend an invitation to explore our curated selection of sewing curriculum, take-home learning kits, and ready-to-sew bundles. Whether you're a homeschooler seeking hands-on education or someone eager to embrace the art of sewing, Thimble Sewciety is your creative haven.

Become a Part of Thimble Sewciety

Are you as passionate about sewing as we are? Do you want to partner with us to ignite the love for sewing in your school? We are proud vendors for several charter schools and are eager to welcome more educational institutions to our community. If your school isn't listed, reach out to us and let's embark on this journey together.

Thank you for being a part of Thimble Sewciety. Let's learn, create, and share—together.